If You’re Serious About Your Online Business Stop Chasing The Latest Marketing Fads

Copyright 2006 Richard Adams

If you are like 90% of Internet marketer’s you’re constantly bombarded with email messages about the “most recent, greatest” item available and can feel obliged to spend yet more of your hard-earned cash so you don’t get “left out”.

Blog and ping, tag and ping, the most recent Adsense page generator, a new ebook, some “whizz-bang” software, conference a guru in a seminar. The list continues on. And on.

Nevertheless here’s some important news I have to break to you.

Much of it really is “right here today, gone tomorrow” advice which means if you skip the boat, if way too many people utilize the techniques, if the search engines switch their algorithms, if you are just simple unlucky – you lose.

What’s the point for the reason that,

What the idea in constantly changing your business model to match with the most recent fad, You’ll continuously be dropping behind and will travel yourself mad (or burn up) with the goalposts shifting weekly or two.

Enough already!

When the dust settles after a significant new product launch, the sad simple truth is there’s really hardly any new information out there.

You frequently end up paying $97 or even more for a rewritten edition of something you currently knew.

Or that stopped functioning last week.

Several times previously I’ve essentially bought the same product four or five 5 times previously just in various forms. Just what a waste of period and money.

What’s a whole lot worse is that you could spend so much money on ebooks, software, seminars, video courses and more you don’t possess any money left the actually market your website effectively.

Not to mention the major goal is to market your website effectively, thus drawing a lot of highly-targetted visitors and building numerous sales.

So I highly suggest you place yourself on an “information diet” – just buying ocassional products (so when you *do*, building absolutely sure you *implement* their recommendations instead of letting the information sit right now there unused) and instead trading your capital into implementing the same kind of, almost “boring” techniques which have been around for years, have already been covered cost-free in various forums, articles, blogs and newsletters through the years and – shock horror – still work miracles for your results.

Need to know what they are,

OK, listed below are the secrets…

1) Gathering Links – Exchange links with additional sites, write and distribute articles to create links, submit your website to web directories and so on searching to generate a huge amount of high-quality links to your sites.

2) Basic SEO – Nothing at all fancy, no “latest fad” advice, just the aged faithfuls such as for example putting most of your keywords in your name tag, using keyword-rich internal links and so forth.

3) PPC Ads – Most usefully Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing may send you a huge amount of traffic by simply intelligently picking your keywords and developing effective, attractive adverts.

4) Affiliate Programs – Setup your own using the multitude of specially-designed software program out there and motivate people to join your system by, for instance, submitting it to the affiliate program web directories, emailing existing clients and leads, adding a link to your signup web page from your primary navigation menu etc.

5) PR ANNOUNCEMENTS – Both online *and* offline. Get a book on how best to write effective pr announcements (it takes just a little practise) and fire out those pr announcements for instant (and nearly free) publicity for your business. This system alone can kick-start a linking campaign with a lot of sites linking to yours once you get observed in the media.

6) Community Marketing – After all simply getting involved with whatever niche you’re selling to. Write articles others may use. Take up a blog. Write a newsletter. Help you in forums. Obtain known. And subtly point out your website simultaneously. People will grow to truly like you, to know you, also to trust you. In that case your business may take on a existence of its own.

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