An Internet Marketing Lesson I Learned From My 7 Year Old Grandson

A couple weeks ago We was watching my 7 year older Grandson Joel as he was drawing an image of a strawberry patch.

As he drew, it started to look a lot more like a Xmas wreath when compared to a strawberry patch. I informed him that it appeared pretty good, but recommended to him that “perhaps you could place a few strawberries right here, and here and right here” as I pointed to the big white region in the center of his drawing.

He viewed me in every seriousness and said…

“Grandpa, whatever You imagine, it’s what the artist thinks!”

It was funny at that time, but I have already been thinking about this a lot.

You know what, He’s right!

There exists a great lesson to be learned here. The lesson applies perfectly to Internet marketing. In fact it applies well to Almost any marketing, it generally does not necessarily need to be on the internet.

We’ve a tendancy to create an idea that people think is the foremost thing since sliced breads. We’re definitely convinced that everybody will defeat a way to our door to get our item. We spend plenty of money to build up a sales campaign, create a website, buy advertising and so forth, and spend lots of time and work to draw visitors to our website, get good search engine positioning, and generally we’re disappointed because hardly any people buy our products.

Can it be that industry doesn’t value our opinion,

Does that harm your ego, It shouldn’t. It will open your eye to this very easy, but wildly profound truth.


Big companies spend huge amount of money on market research, tests and surveys before they ever spend any kind of money in creating a product or marketing something. Does it not make sense that just before we ever spend a dime on any type of product development, website advancement or whatever that people should spend time first to discover what folks are buying, when perform they buy, and just how do they buy,

By doing proper study in advance, you’ll conserve yourself a whole lot of wasted effort and time, and you will be rewarded often over by successful, money making websites. Finding lucrative “niches” isn’t a difficult process, nonetheless it can make all of the difference in the globe as to whether your website is a huge success or a dismal failing.

As you consider the type of websites you will be building, bear in mind the lesson learned from a 7 year aged.

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